We started Heads of Commerce to bring the best and brightest commerce talent to Agencies and Professional Services firms struggling to find commerce expertise.  My two co-founders and I have had the privilege of driving commerce for some of the largest retailers, Fortune 500 brands, and burgeoning direct to consumer startups in the industry. During this time, we recognized a key struggle to any commerce-driven company — finding diverse talent in an ever-changing contract workplace. Whatever need your organization may have (User Experience, Operations, Marketing Services or the intersection of all of these), we have an optimized and extensive network of commerce heads ready and willing to take our clients to the next level. 

When you reach out, expect to chat with one of our founders and have a real, down to earth conversation about driving change…driving business…and driving commerce.


Our Process is Simple


We find diverse Talent across the globe that are trained in their area of commerce.


We validate what skillsets our Talent has to make sure they are up to spec for you.


We find diverse Talent across the globe that are trained in their area of commerce.

Who We Are

Aaron Turner

CEO, Head of User Experience Practice

Aaron brings really smart people to every party.  He has over 25 years of experience building teams to create and optimize Commerce solutions. Starting his career as an engineer, he quickly figured out that his first passion was driving business results.  He started his first consumer facing technology platform in 2000 optimizing the online returns process (way before it was “cool”).  The platform sold to a large publicly traded supply chain execution technology business where we helped 5 Fortune 50 companies transform how they handled returns.

Aaron then moved to GSI Commerce (later became eBay Enterprise) to lead Delivery Operations for the Agency division.  This is where Aaron found his REAL passion: finding really smart people, figuring out what drives them,  matching their drive with really hard problems, and BOOM!  And by BOOM! – we mean BOOM to the tune of driving anywhere from $2.2 Billion for larger clients to $100,000 in revenue for smaller startup clients.  All of these instances were wins in the eyes of each client (multiplied over 72 large retailers and DTC brands). When you understand how to bring and organize smart commerce talent – goals can be shattered. 

For the last 8 years Aaron has worked as a COO / CTO helping commerce agencies build and integrate cross disciplinary teams driving value to end clients.  This includes implementing offshore / near shore models for Shopify, Big Commerce, Adobe (Magento), Commerce Cloud on the commerce platform side across User Experience, Commerce Operations, and Marketing Services with technologists supporting all 3 pillars.

Brendan Moran

COO, Head of Operations Practice

Brendan knows where all the bodies are buried. He has over 30 years of experience building Commerce solutions and still loves a good challenge. He started his career as a crack engineer for a multi-billion dollar retailer building POS solutions, a BI platform and inventory replenishment forecasting systems.   Through long hours and sweat, Brendan joined an up-and-coming retailer as Manager of Ecommerce Web Development.  During an 8 year period he led an integrated development team helping the company grow from $50M per year to over $1 Billion GMV.

Brendan then led a 100+ person engineering team at eBay focused on enterprise clients in an Agency model.  His main focus was deploying technologists across User Experience, Commerce Operations, Marketing Services to drive revenue.   Brendan was able to scale revenue growth for the agency while driving margins up earning the agency a #12 ranking on the North America AdAge top agency by revenue list.

For the last 5 years Brendan has worked as a consultant helping agencies build Commerce Solutions for Retailers, Branded Manufacturers, Direct to Consumer brands and even dabbled in Travel Tech.  Brendan holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems, an MBA in Finance and a Masters Certificate in Project Management.